Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It Is About Time We Start Living For His Glory

It is our nature to doubt. We don't the anything we have not seen for ourselves. At one time we trusted the news, authority, parents but now we question everything. Some of this may be goo but there is a line we should not cross and we have; we doubt our Creator. Even followers of Jesus don't trust as they aught.

Ask any Christian if Jesus heals people and you will find a wide range of answers, but the bottom line will be, "If he wills". It is recorded in Scripture that every person who approached Jesus for healing was healed. When they stated that he could heal them his reply was "I am willing". It is not faith to say "God can heal". It is faith to say "God will heal". Of course he is willing; he wants to repair all brokenness in whatever form it is found. But it is easier for us to believe in an impotent God than one who is omnipotent.

This is not a unique problem with the Church today. As we read the history of Israel we can recognize that faith does not come naturally to us. The Israelites had the constant reminder of Yahweh's presence while they traveled the desert. They saw the great miracles Yahweh did to rescue them from Egypt. They experienced his presence on the mountain. Yet, when he told them to possess the land he had given them they refused because they were afraid. There was no trust. Moses admonished them:

"But you had no faith in the Lord your God about this matter, even though he went ahead of you, scouting places where you should camp, in fire by night, so you could see the road you were taking, and in cloud during the daytime." (Deuteronomy 1:32-33)

"You had no faith in the Lord your God." What a terrible statement, yet how many of us are just as guilty. We have to make up our mind, he is either who he says he is or he isn't; he either saves or he doesn't. He says he heals. Does he or doesn't he. We can't keep sitting on the fence.

Our God loves us and demands intimacy with us. He has poured himself into us and expects us to live with boldness and fullness knowing he wants to reveal his glory through us. Just read the gospels and see what Jesus did and understand he said to go and do likewise. But we are too afraid that it is all a lie, that it won't work, that there is no power, so we would rather live with a "possibility" without knowing the reality, to avoid failure.

A life without faith is a life without risk (although there is no risk in a real relationship with Jesus), is a life without growth and is a life that does not give glory to Father. Are we not tired of this yet? Today is the day for us to stand up and start living as Jesus intended for his followers to live.

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