Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 1 - Mistissini

Today was the day we were going to have all the computers upgraded and the network running. Notice I used the word "was". It is never simple with technology. So today was a day of frustration as we encountered challenge after challenge. Tomorrow we start the training.

We discovered some interesting things about the community. It looks like a very beautiful community. Large modern homes with beautiful views overlooking the lake. However the truth of the matter is that they have a housing shortage. I am told there are at least two families to each home. The banks will not lend money for mortgages because the banks cannot take over the homes if the people cannot pay. Yet, the government limits the amount of funding so only a few homes can be built each year. Talk about frustrating.

As well, I am told that this community has not seen a student graduate from high school in years. There are lots of problems but no one can find the solutions. The boys are more interested in working on things outside. It is similar to the problems we face in the city only multiplied a great deal more.

As well we are told the town will become a ghost town on the weekend. Most of the families head out to their hunting cottages each weekend, coming back to town on Sunday. Each family is alloted their own area which is huge. The families in Mistissini own most of Northern Quebec it looks according to the allotment map in the lodge.

We are looking forward to meeting the students tomorrow. God bless everyone.

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