Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mistissini - Day 9

Today was a day of contrasts.

This morning was frustrating as we spent most of it working with two students. It is interesting when we can get a student's hotmail working on every computer but his own. Then this afternoon we were able to get six students set up quickly. I should have learned by now that whatever we think we can get accomplished in technology training will take 3 times as long as we figured. Yet we dream on.

We are continuing to learn about each of the students and the uniquness of their world. Ian is hoping to get to go skidooing again tomorrow. It is a key activity around here in the winter. The students are warming up to the technology and seemed to respond to the idea of the online class. There is a lot more we can develop in this area but we have started well.

This has been a good experience in that we have learned what limitations we have. We had an unrealistic idea of what we would be able to accomplish in such a short period of time. It will take a series of visits over a period of time which leads me to wonder about our other schools. We definitly need further development to reach the level we hope to obtain.

I am looking forward to seeing our schools working closer together, even when we are separated by 800 kms. Our greatest unity is found in the Lord. United in this manner nothing can keep us from achieving great things in the name of our Lord.

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