Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mistissini - Day 4

Today saw the temperature go from -7 this morning to -32 tonight, and that is cold. It also saw us make some great progress with the Secondary students. At last they brought in their computers for us to do some work togther. It is a different world. Down South teens would jump at the chance to have their computers at school. Up here in the North teens have other things to think about, like lunch.

It is also interesting being in a community where the community puts such value in the efforts of such a small school. They had fund raising today which saw the search and rescue people along with the fire department joining in. Apparently last year the Cree Board gave a huge donation to the school because they see what they are doing for the children and the families. This community has a beautiful looking elementary and high school and yet they see beyond the buildings and value the relationships.

They certainly need an educational system that is based upon their needs instead of the government's needs. Students often disappear into the bush with their families for a week or two or have to go to Montreal for periods of time. School needs to be based on the individual and perhaps in units to allow for absences. It is a challenge but if they are permitted to design their own system the children would be better off and their nation would progress as it should.

Ian is getting to go skidooing this Saturday with a bunch of the Secondary. They have really taken to him. They certainly are curious with lots of questions. I think it is equally as good for Ian. The staff all love him and I think would like to steal him away. His gifts certainly shine here. There may be more opportunities for us to return every now and then. Ian opens many doors for me. I think he may even decided to learn Cree.

Our adventure continues.

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