Sunday, February 8, 2009

Student Devotions - Monday, 09/02/09

Good morning my students.

I was going to prepare a video for you but I am afraid the limited connection at the Lodge would not allow it so I am going to write a short devotion which I expect you to blog on in response.

Take a minute or five and read Matthew 25. Don't bother cheating because you won't understand what I am writing and what is the sense of reading if you can't understand.

Hopefully you have read it and having read it you realize that there are three parables we are considering. The three of them are placed in this way for a reason. Jesus has just finished explaining about the end days. Now he lays down a teaching that if we adhere to will ensure that the end will go well for us.

First is the parable of the Ten Virgins. Let's make a short story shorter; be prepared for the end. We have grown lazy in our attitude of the end times yet there are more phrophecies being fulfilled today than at any other age. And here we are not paying attention to any of it. Jesus warned us that we will not get a second chance at this. If we are not ready for his return we will miss out. Believe it or disregard it. That is your choice but understand that these are not children's stories. These are the words of Jesus given to warn us that we will not grow weary:

"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour."

This is then followed by the Parable of the Talents. These are all related to each other. Are we just suppose to sit around and do nothing while we wait? Let's make a short story shorter again. We will have to give an account of what we did with what Jesus gave to us. Are you listening? You are going to have to give account to Jesus for what you have done with your life and all these things he has given you in your life. Are you prepared for that? Do you even believe it? Believe it or not, it is what Jesus said and if it is what he said then it will happen. Are you going to invest your life or are you going to hide it away?

The last parable is The Sheep and the Goats. One last time, make the short story shorter. Do you see your life for yourself or for others? I know what the proper answer is but I am asking you to be honest with yourself. Do you live your life for others? Does that even sound attractive? Well, it is the heart of the Father and it matters to him. All he has ever done is give himself to us and it is what he expects his children to do for others. It is so important Jesus says it will decide the division of people who claim to follow him. Remember this:

"Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life."

Choose wisely how you are going to pursue direction for your life. It matters.


jessika said...

The parable of the 10 virgins really got me, i guess it's true that we or I have grown lazy in my relationship with God.I should try to put a lot more effort into it. We should all try to be a lot more wiser in aour decisions

Jesus Freak said...

The parable of the man who went away and gave his servants money. I could understand how mad the king would be.He trusted the people with his money the first 2 did great the last did not make an effort We should take chances sometimes. Wish you well up there is Black Ice Land

Brandon said...

We should always work hard improve what God gives to us and prepare others too. we should not be lazy and sit around and not get ready because it is going to fast in a blink of a eye the world will change when Jesus Christ comes back.

sasha said...

I think that we should always be trying to be closer to God, I don't think there is a limit to our relationship.With the talent got gives us we should glorify his name ; it a privilege to be able to have something special that no one or only some person have.There many other person that want to have what seed God as put in you but God put them in you for a reason.He knows why.