Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mistissini - Day 3

A great day but weird. It is actually about 4 degress and misty.

I have had to do some adjusting to my allegories up here. Instead of talking about the dangers of going to the park by yourself I have had to talk about not being allowed to go into the woods by yourself. When I asked why parents would not allow them into the woods by themselves their reasons were because of the drugs and the bears. They say their parents don't want them to be eaten. It's a different world.

The school here needs a new building. They have a huge waiting list of parents who want to get their kids in but buildings are not easy to come by here and building is limited.They are calling on the Lord to provide. He will. But we could add our prayers to theirs because this is an incredible school. I can understand why these parents want to get in here. This school is a beacon of hope.

It is a bit hard to teach teens who want to be outside all the time. Some of them are really keen but others just aren't there. I need to learn Cree though. Because English is a second language they slip back into Cree without thinking. It is an interesting classroom. :-)

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